ANTM: College Edition Recap: The Girl Who Should Just Stick Her Butt in the Hole (Cycle 19, Episode 2)

Hm, that title may not be suitable for work. Sorry. We’re back with the Final 13 models representing colleges all across America, and America couldn’t be prouder. Ugh, what if you spent thousands… Continue reading

ANTM: College Edition Recap: The Girl Who Gets Called A Racist (Cycle 19, Episode 1)

  Welcome back to America’s Next Top Model, that slightly insane relative that refuses to take the hint that it shouldn’t be coming over to your house anymore. We’re back to Original Recipe… Continue reading

Hey Pixar, I Don’t Think You’re Amazing All of the Time, You Know!

Okay, Pixar. I’ve had enough. I can’t take it anymore. I just finished writing a review for your newest movie, Brave, and it was fairly positive. I appreciated the story and the relationship,… Continue reading

Movie Review: Pixar’s “Brave” – There Will Be Butts

I know that’s a weird title for a Disney/Pixar movie, but I think that was the most surprising part of the film. But I’ll get to that at the end. Disney (it seems… Continue reading

Book Review: Modelland by Tyra Banks (Chapters 25 and 26)

Chapter 25: One Bee-Yotchhhh I’m not sure I’m going to get over the stupidity of that chapter title. We’re in Catwalk Corridor and Tyra couldn’t even be bothered to come up with a… Continue reading

Book Review: Modelland by Tyra Banks (Chapter 24)

Sorry I haven’t put up a Modelland chapter review in awhile. One of my friends borrowed the book to read. She thought it was a badly written book to which I say, “That… Continue reading

Why John Carter REALLY Bombed at the Box Office: My Thoughts on the Movie

Let’s talk really fast about John Carter (of Mars). I know the film’s been out for awhile, but if you’ve kept on my blog, you know that I’m pretty much behind on EVERYTHING.… Continue reading

America’s Got Talent Recap: Everything’s Crazier in Texas (Week 4, Night 1, Season 7)

Welcome back to America’s Got Talent where the audition phase is starting to head into that weird phase that it sometimes gets to as we head closer towards Vegas. This week, AGT set… Continue reading

America’s Got Talent Recap: I Just Went to Vegas! (Week 3, Night 2, Season 7)

“Does America Got Talent?!” Nick Cannon screams at St. Louis. English majors everywhere cringe as we think, “Does America Have Talent?” But sadly, correct grammar is not a viable talent on this show,… Continue reading

Book Review: Modelland by Tyra Banks (Chapters 22 and 23)

Chapter 22: Fused Flashback Females That title sounds like the name of a band of superheroes, like conjoined triplets or something. Last we left Tookie, the earth had come to a grinding halt… Continue reading