America’s Got Talent Recap: Everything’s Crazier in Texas (Week 4, Night 1, Season 7)

Apparently, this is the highest, most dangerous place they could think to put Nick Cannon in Austin

Welcome back to America’s Got Talent where the audition phase is starting to head into that weird phase that it sometimes gets to as we head closer towards Vegas. This week, AGT set up camp in Austin, TX. Nick Cannon finally realized his dream of being a train engineer. Sheldon Cooper would be so jealous. And Howie Mandel, the mega-germaphobe, rode a longhorn steer into the arena. I’ll let that sentence sink in for a minute.

Acts Going to Vegas:

Sebastian Cruz: Another cute little kid, but he’s got something that other little kids in this competition don’t have: a mariachi band. Beat that, Jackie Evancho! Howie even dubbed him the “little Mexican Jackie Evancho,” which I’m not sure the world is prepared for. He’s a really good performer and a perfect gentleman to the judges. Mama was priceless up in the audience with her subtitles o’ love. Not sure if he’s a million dollar act, but I don’t really care. I’m just wondering how much these mariachi performers are being paid to play behind this little kid.

The Bandbaz Brothers: Like the Mario Bros in the movie, they’re not really brothers. They’re actually uncle and nephew, which for some reaosn kind of creeps me out a little, but okay. They’re a balancing act and Mario balanced Luigi on his head. This was pretty amazing to watch and really intense as well. There was even a moment where the two were incredibly shaky and it looked like they might fall. I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but either way, it held your attention.

Tim Poe: So since I’m writing this post a couple of days after the air date of the episode (and some things have surfaced since then about the contestant) I’m not entirely sure how to go about this segment. This was the one segment of the night that really tugged at my heartstrings, probably the only one all season. There’s just something about war veterans that really gets me. Tim Poe told the judges and the millions watching that he suffered from a stutter due to  a war-related injury in Afghanistan, and not just any war-related injury, but one that was inflicted while trying to save his buddies from a grenade. Poe noticeably stuttered, but when he sang “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” his voice was pure, unaffected gold. It was a great moment for the season and an inspiring story about war veterans, now ruined by the recent facts that have surfaced about Poe.  

Joe Castillo: Speaking of patriotism, Castillo is a sand artist and did some amazing stuff for his audition. It was pure America’s-The-Best-Evah kind of a thing which always goes over well in Texas, even if he was wearing a French beret. At first, I thought I had seen something like this in past auditions, but that was actually 0n Hungary’s Got Talent. It’s a cool act and reminiscient of Silhouettes who went all the way to second place last year.

The Human Cannonball: His real name is David Smith Jr., but really, are you even going to remember that bland name at all? On the same level as Professor Splash from last year, Cannonball Man did just that: shot himself out of a cannon. In the rain. These danger acts are fun to watch in the audition phase, but they really never go anywhere after that. He’ll be cut in Vegas most likely unless he can come up with something new. Kudos to the insignificant man holding Nick Cannon’s umbrella, the unsung hero of the episode.

Contortionist Twins: These girls did some pretty cool moves perfectly in synch with one another.

Jewish Boy Singing OneRepublic’s “Good Life”: “Who knew Jewish people could sing so well?!” was the message I think I was supposed to get out of this.

Acts That Got X’d:  

Tender Box Circus Sideshow: Another freakshow act that seems to be popping up in every episode so far. I don’t know if there really are just more this year or if the show has decided to showcase more this year, but either scenario begs the question of “Why?”

Lulu: I think the producers put this act on stage purely for the audience to laugh at her. I thought we were going to get something good out of her, but then the show went for the surprise “Gotcha!” and showed her coming on stage in a turquoise bikini. Lulu’s dream was fulfilled on national television as she did a rather awkward pole dance to everyone’s amusement. Good for her for realizing her dreams, but points down to the show for making a mockery of her. But then Nick Cannon came out in a duct tape bikini and pole-danced too, so perhaps all is forgiven.

Mariah Carey is so turned on right now.

Next episode the audition rounds in Austin continue and we get the act that “eveyrone’s going to be talking about.” Oooh . . .




balancing act – really intense, like the shakiness

nick cannon realizes his unfulfilled dream fo being a train engineer. Sheldon would be so jealous.

feel-good story – okay, this one is sad. was hit by a grenade while fighting in afghanistan – causes the stutter. Please be good, please be good.

cotortionist twins

lulu – I don’t know whether to be impressed or horrified. I’m a bit conflicted. nick cannon steals te thunder again – howard puts some dollar bills in his pants.

sand art – wasn’t this an act a couple of seasons ago? more i love america propaganda feel good stuff. silhouettes!

finally cannon man