About Cait’s A Rough Draft…

Welcome to the blog, I’m Cait! This is a blog where I write about books, television shows, movies and music interests that I have. I started it because I like to talk about writing and make fun of stupid shows that I shouldn’t watch. Blogging will also (hopefully) keep me up on writing and making actual, quantifiable progress. Right now, I’m attending Brigham Young University and am in my last year to get a Bachelor’s in English with a minor in Editing. I am currently the Poetry Editor of BYU’s student-run journal, Leading Edge, a science fiction and fantasy journal, which you should check out here. (Shameless plug). You’d be surprised how many people write sci-fi/fantasy poetry.

Now while I do write often, I also find myself getting completely distracted all the time whether it’s watching (and then recapping) America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, or any other show I like to watch. I also like doing movie and movie trailer reviews, book reviews and blogging about music I like to listen to. Don’t worry. Occasionally I’ll publish updates on my writing progress or post something about writing that I found interesting. This blog is all about fun and admitting that I often get distracted from the writing I should be focusing on.

In my spare time, I spear white whales, have mad tea parties, and nap on my raft as I float down the Mississippi with Jim.